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Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox are joined by National Recruiting Analyst from Barton Simmons in a recruiting potpourri podcast. It's comprehensive, throrough and educational. Simmons breaks down the 2015 rankings, tells some bizarre stories and debates recruiting trends.

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Hosts Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan breakdown all 14 new head coaches in FBS college football. The guys rank their favorite (and least favorite) hires and analyze all of the newest trends in coaching. Does "fit" matter? Is offense more important than defense? And who is on the hot seat entering 2015?

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Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox break down the national championship victory for Ohio State. Did the Playoff work (and what does that even mean)? Should Cardale Jones go pro? Is Urban Meyer better than Nick Saban? What does the win mean for the Big Ten? What is Marcus Mariota's legacy? The guys answer all these questions and much more on the year-end recap edition of the Cover 2 Podcast.

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Hosts Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan go in-depth to break down college football's national championship game.


Fox recounts his trip to Pasadena, what the Rose Bowl is all about and his lonely New Year's Eve. Gall breaks down NOLA on New Year's and his favorite moments from the Sugar Bowl.


How do Ohio State and Oregon stack up against each other? The guys go position-by-position to analyze both teams to find strengths and weaknesses for both. Who has the coaching edge? Is Marcus Mariota simply too good to beat?


Each host offers up in-depth analysis and a final prediction for the season's final game.

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The Athlon Sports team has been dispatched to the New Orleans and Pasadena to cover the first college football semifinal. We'll survey the scene and storylines and then delve into our picks for New Year's Day.

David Fox is at the Rose Bowl trying to determine which star quarterback will have the big day and which team can more successfully play the underdog role. Braden Gall is at the Sugar Bowl where Blake Sims, Amari Cooper and the Ohio State defensive line may be able to upstage the powerhouse coaches.

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Hosts Braden Gall and Steven Lassan go in-depth to break down both national semifinal games. 


Alabama vs. Ohio State: Can Cardale Jones handle the Bama defense? Can the Buckeyes defensive line disrupt the Bama offense? Which fan base wins the week off-the-field in New Orleans?


Oregon vs. Florida State: Which QB is better in Pasadena? Which defense is more likely to get stops? Does playing close games all year help or hurt FSU?


The guys cover all of this and make National Championship predictions on this special Playoff Predictions edition of the Cover 2 Podcast.

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Hosts Braden Gall, David Fox and Mitch Light debate the merits of the Selection Committee. Did they get the right four teams? What hurt the Big 12 the most? Who will be crowned the national champion when the dust settles? The guys break it all down and much more on this special Playoff Committee edition of the Cover 2 Podcast.

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Braden Gall, Mitch Light, David Fox and Steven Lassan debate the Michigan coaching search and offer predictions as to who will be the next head coach in Ann Arbor.

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Hosts Braden Gall and Steven Lassan preview Championship Weekend in college football. Do any of the underdogs have a chance to pull an upset? Can Florida State avoid disaster? Can Baylor jump TCU in the playoff standings? Will Oregon get revenge on Arizona? The guys pick every major game of the final weekend of the college football season.

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Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox are joined by Mitch Light to discuss the coaching opening at Nebraska. Is the Huskers job still an elite one in college football? What should expectations be in Lincoln? Who are the best candidates for the job? The guys break it all down and much more as well as offer up predictions as well.

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