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The debate concerning preseason rankings has started around the Athlon Sports offices, and we’re giving you an inside look at all the conversations that will shape the 2014 countdown.

This week, Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you inside the process of the rankings meeting as they talk through the teams in the ACC.

Will anyone challenge Florida State in the Atlantic? Will Louisville be a factor in Bobby Petrino’s return? And how do we sort out the mess that is the Coastal Division?

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Athlon Sports’ annual rankings of every college football coach in the FBS posted this week. The No. 1 spot may be clear, but the rest of the rankings weren’t so easy.

Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you into the process of ranking every coach, explaining the criteria we used and some dissension in the ranks.

Our panel felt pretty confident about the first four, but we love the top coaches in the Big 12. Also, we explain the difficulty in ranking coaches in the 20-30 range, defend the coaches who are underrated and identify the coaches who have a chance to move up the rankings in 2015.

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Now that the NCAA Tournament is complete, the Athlon editors can take a deeper look at the upcoming college football season. The rankings discussion for the preseason magazines is in full swing as spring practice is in its final weeks.

Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you inside the process of the rankings meeting as they talk through the teams in the Big Ten.

Who can challenge Ohio State? Will Michigan State continue to be a contender for the title? Can teams like Michigan and Nebraska return to power house status?

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The Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast took a quick break from college football spring football previews to quickly delve into college basketball.

Before delving into picks for every game in the NCAA Tournaments, co-hosts Braden Gall and David Fox give their quick reaction to Bruce Pearl’s hire at Auburn. Pearl will undoubtedly bring interest to the Auburn basketball program, but does he immediately give Auburn the best coaching duo in the league.

Then it’s on to picks for every game in the NCAA Tournament, region by region. All the upsets and storylines for every game through the title game.

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Preparation for the 2014 college football preview magazines has begun around the Athlon Sports offices, starting with the Big 12.

Oklahoma and Baylor separated themselves as favorites, but Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan have plenty of questions about both teams.

In the first of a series taking you inside our rankings meeting, we talk about the debates that shaped our discussion in the Big 12.

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The Cover 2 makes its return after a brief hiatus to talk all the big-picture news from Signing Day.

Braden Gall and David Fox explain why Alabama’s day was almost non-news and why Tennessee and Kentucky turned out to be the big winners.

Charlie Strong at Texas gave us a reason to look into recruiting in the state of Texas and whether his words about the virtues of being a “gadget program” have merit. Has Strong already fallen too far behind Coach Cool at Texas A&M?

Then, we talk about the most interesting long-term recruiting trend whether it’s USC vs. UCLA or Ohio State pulling away from the rest of the Big Ten.

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Discussing the personality differences on the big new coaches hired at Penn State, USC at Texas and how James Franklin, Steve Sarkisian and Charlie Strong will attack their respective jobs.

Franklin’s hire set off more news as he continued to recruit Vanderbilt commitments at Penn State. Should recruits be off limits when coaches move or is all fair in the recruiting game?

Lastly, Athlon Sports’ Steven Lassan makes a special appearance to pick the teams that benefited the most from the NFL Draft early entry deadline and who is losing out.

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The 2014 season is over, so it’s time to start talking a little 2014 football.
First, hosts Braden Gall and David Fox put Florida State’s championship into perspective. The question: Did Jameis Winston just complete the best freshman season in college football history? Or does the nod go to Johnny Manziel, Adrian Peterson or Maurice Clarrett.

Then, they break down some of the coaching news. Charlie Strong is the guy at Texas, but not everyone is on the bandwagon. Penn State thought they were close to nabbing James Franklin, but the Nittany Lions are in limbo. Does Franklin have it better in Nashville?

And then moving on to 2014, Fox and Gall go through the major conferences and discuss their storylines to watch in the upcoming months from off-field issues, recruiting, new coaches and personnel.

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The Athlon Sports Cover 2 Podcast returns after a brief holiday hiatus to talk about the three big stories in college football. The Texas job remains opens as the Longhorns (maybe) close in on candidates. David Fox and Braden Gall discus the reported list of finalists.

Penn State also opened up this week. Where does this job rank right now given the sanctions for the next few years, and what kind of candidates can Penn State hope to get?

After that, Fox and Gall delve into the national championship game. On paper, all the signs point to Florida State dominating. But there’s something about this Auburn team.

Finally, we share our hopes for the college football world in 2014 and react to a best names of 2013 bracket.

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Who says there’s a lull in the college football season? The coaching carousel gets new life with the Texas job. Braden Gall and David Fox talk about their top three realistic candidates for the job. It’s also time for a bit of reading as our hosts react to columns on Mack Brown as Mr. Football and the Nickelback of college football coaching. Lastly, a moderately successful game of word association for the early bowl games.

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