Athlon Sports Cover 2 College Football Podcast

Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • Notre Dame's brilliant move
  • QBs transfers of note
  • Two tiers of breakout teams in 2021
  • Teams that will take steps forward
  • Teams that could compete for championships
  • Who can be this year's Coastal Carolina?
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. Today, we rank and take a deep dive into all 15 new head football coaches in 2021. Why were they hired? Who punched over their weight? Who whiffed? Strengths, weaknesses, concerns and upside for all of the 15 new head coaches in college football.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • Defense won the Super Bowl, so what?
  • When is the last time this happened in college?
  • How many elite offenses have been stopped?
  • What is the perfect type of football game?
  • How will defenses push back in the future?
  • Odds to win the Natty '21 - who Braden bet on.
  • Long shots we like to make playoff
  • Whet the Whistle with Wheek Whone matchups
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • How to use team rankings
  • ACC blue chips, overachievers, crootin' trends
  • Big 12 blue chips, overachievers, crootin' trends
  • Big Ten blue chips, overachievers, crootin' trends
  • Pac-12 blue chips, overachievers, crootin' trends
  • SEC blue chips, overachievers, crootin' trends
  • Bud Elliott of joins
  • Consolidation of talent is a concern
  • Josh Heupel at Tennessee
  • Barton Simmons at Vandy
  • EA Sports is back!
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • NFL Draft deadline winners, losers
  • What will the extra year do to college football?
  • Silly Season is still going, folks
  • Misinformation is everywhere
  • What search firms actually do and...
  • why the good ones are super valuable
  • A look at the best 2020 hires
  • Larry Scott's legacy as Pac-12 commish
  • How to save the Pac-12
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • Tennessee fired Jeremy Pruitt
  • How good of a job is UT, who are the names?
  • Who did we debate for No. 1 in 2021?
  • Which G5 teams will fight for a NY6 bowl?
  • Coastal Chaos in 2021 (and catching Clemson)
  • The top tier in the Big 12
  • Where did all the brands go in the Big Ten?
  • A long training camp for Pac-12 teams? 
  • Bama, UGa a cut above rest of the SEC
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Nick Kayal, Steven Lassan and Braden Gall break down the National Championship game.

  • How are we feeling now that the season is over?
  • How will we look back on this season in 20 years?
  • The Greatness of Alabama in 2020
  • The credit and adversity the players went through
  • Is this Saban's best coaching job
  • The evolution of the game
  • Nick hates Braden's Heisman vote
  • The future of the sport
  • Can CFB survive without churn at the top?
  • Will expansion actually spread out the talent?
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football:

  • DeVonta Smith wins the Heisman
  • Who did Braden vote for and why?
  • Trask vs. Lawrence vs. Jones?
  • Natty News: Sark, Waddle, Covid
  • Can Ohio St continue to pound the rock?
  • How do you cover Smith? Stop Harris?
  • Ryan Day vs. Nick Saban
  • Did Texas execute it's plan to land Sark?
  • What's going on at Florida, UT, Michigan?
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The gang is back to recap the national semifinals. Braden, Nick and Steven talk Alabama and Ohio St's wins:

  • Yet another bowl results PSA
  • Did Bama slow it down?
  • Is Alabama's defense legit?
  • Is Notre Dame willing to change to win?
  • Justin Fields goes off
  • Targeting, play-calling matter?
  • Argument: Rest vs. Rhythm
  • Why Bama-OSU is good for football
  • Why is uniform twitter so easily triggered?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall preview the College Football Playoff semifinals on New Year's Day:

  • Where should the Irish attack Alabama?
  • Who can actually make plays?
  • The scheme to stop DeVonta Smith, Najee Harris?
  • Does a blowout loss change how Notre Dame operates?
  • Rehashing the Clemson-OSU game from last year
  • One major area of concern for Ohio State
  • One major advantage for Ohio State
  • Is Ryan Day a concern in this matchup?
  • Picks against the spread and some bowl banter
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  • Toughest Heisman vote in years
  • How to separate the Alabama players?
  • Evaluating Trevor Lawrence, Kyle Trask?
  • Did Auburn finally do something right?
  • Illinois brings back Bert!
  • The strategy at Texas, Tennessee
  • Arizona makes a mistake
  • Coordinators getting shipped around
  • Teams opting out of bowl games
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Nick Kayal, Steven Lassan and Braden Gall break down the College Football Playoff selection process:

  • Did the Committee get it right? 
  • Texas A&M vs. Notre Dame
  • Should Ohio St be allowed in?
  • Dunking on the Big Ten?
  • Semifinal predictions
  • National title predictions
  • Heisman arguments
  • Did 2020 make a case for expansion?
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Braden Gall and Steven Lassan preview Championship Week.

  • Path to the Playoff: Texas A&M
  • Path to the Playoff: Big 12, Group of 5
  • Why the Pac-12 is such an after thought
  • The best G5 title game ever?
  • The most Pac-12 title game ever?
  • Oklahoma-Iowa St
  • Northwestern-Ohio St
  • Alabama-Florida
  • Clemson-Notre Dame

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall recap Week 15.

  • We offer our Top 4
  • Auburn fires Gus Malzahn
  • Arizona, Illinois, Vandy looking for coaches too
  • Tom Herman is staying at Texas
  • Florida's boneheaded loss
  • One huge thing we didn't expect in 2020
  • Free Shouts to so many awesome things

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • The latest playoff rankings
  • What to do with Ohio St?
  • How to use head-to-head?
  • OCs and DCs you should hire
  • A Shane Beamer comparison
  • Urban Meyer turns down Texas
  • Our Starting 11 (40:00) for Week 15

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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 14 in college football.

  • Hat tip to BYU and Coastal!
  • What can we learn about scheduling, G5?
  • Congrats to Iowa State!
  • What to make of coaches flirting with other jobs?
  • The controversy and expectations at Texas
  • Playoff contenders roll with relative ease
  • Our Top 4 teams
  • What does the B1G do with Ohio St?
  • A total mess out West
  • Free Shouts!
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 13 in college football.

  • Bama, Clemson handle business with ease
  • Notre Dame extremely impressive
  • TAMU, UF keep winning
  • What type of chaos could happen in the rankings?
  • Congrats to Iowa State
  • Auburn fan's reaction to the Iron Bowl
  • Gus vs. Herman vs. Harbaugh
  • Who should be their targets?
  • Jimmy Lake, UW in first place
  • Schiano, Pittman doing work
  • Sarah Fuller makes history
  • Jaret Patterson's ALMOST record
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall preview Week 13 in college football.

  • What did we learn from the first rankings?
  • Does a G5 team have a path to the playoff?
  • Trainwrecks in the Big Ten
  • Egg Bowl, Florida, Texas A&M and LSU
  • The Civil War
  • The Iron Bowl
  • Iowa St at Texas
  • Notre Dame at North Carolina

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit (50:00) joins us to talk playoff committee, evaluating coaches, playoff scheduling and transparency in college football.

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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 12 in college football:

  • Our Top 4 and predictions for the committee
  • Boring Bedlam, why does Gundy get a pass?
  • Big 12 race down to three teams
  • Wisconsin, Indiana, Ok-State eliminated?
  • OSU-NW basically clinch, can NW compete?
  • Clemson-Florida St twitter fiasco
  • G5 Gambling Greatness
  • Is this the year we finally let a G5 into the playoff?
  • Kyle Trask and JT Daniels doing work
  • Coaches on the hot seat: Coach O, Franklin, Frost, Pruitt
  • Pac-12 wrap up
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall preview Week 12 in college football.

  • Bedlam decides the Big 12
  • Two huge showdowns in the Big Ten
  • Clemson, Bama, Florida need to cruise
  • Oregon, USC to be tested out West
  • Juicy Group of 5 matchups
  • Solid B1G undercard to watch
  • Picks Against the Spread from MyBookie
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 11.

  • Top 4s haven't changed
  • Pac-12 saved a fair boring weekend
  • Ian Book is underrated, ND wins easily
  • Miami, UNC stay in the race
  • Trask vs. Jones vs. Fields vs. Lawrence
  • Indiana, NW are good at football
  • Should coaches be fired in 2020:
  • Harbaugh, Herman, Franklin, Pruitt, Helton, Muschamp, etc.
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall break down Week 10:

  • How to rank Clemson, Notre Dame?
  • What did the Irish prove on Saturday?
  • Where should Florida rank?
  • What in THE hell is happening in the Big Ten?
  • Miami's offense does it again
  • Oregon impressive, USC somehow wins
  • What is wrong with so many good programs?
  • BYU, Cincinnati win impressively
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Braden Gall and Steven Lassan preview Week 9 in college football:

  • How can Penn St hang with Ohio St?
  • Does Ok-State still need to prove it?
  • Georgia, Texas A&M QBs get tested
  • The weirdness of Mizzou-Florida
  • ND, UNC on the road
  • LSU-Auburn is juicy
  • Big 12 road trips
  • Also, Group of 5 road trips
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall talk all things college football Week 8:

  • Ok-State takes control of Big 12
  • Indiana's huge win, James Franklin's huge mistake
  • Justin Fields, Graham Mertz are good
  • Michigan is good too
  • ACC contenders roll
  • Bama loses Waddle
  • SEC scoreboad
  • Why is Kansas St undervalued
  • G5 Playoff: Who is No. 4?
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The Big Ten is back in college football and Braden and Steven get to talk about the games! Our starting 11 features

  • Interesting Big Ten debuts
  • A Big 12 title preview
  • A lopsided rivalry in the SEC
  • A huge AAC showdown
  • Lots of hot seat talk
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Nick and Braden recap Week 7 in college football:

  • Georgia proved a lot, the QB did not
  • Bama is the best offense in America
  • Clemson is best team, though
  • Florida St pulls massive upset
  • Miami, Va Tech, ND hold serve
  • What is Les Miles doing?
  • Malzahn, Pruitt have a rough weekend
  • Sam Pittman COY Status
  • BYU's resume
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Steven and Braden preview Week 7:

  • Are defenses way behind?
  • Georgia's offense v. Bama's defense
  • Ok-State and Baylor postponed
  • One-loss SEC teams stay the course
  • Picks ATS for MyBookie
  • UNC, Miami tested in ACC
  • A beheading in Columbia, S.C.
  • Group of 5 on the road
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap all of the action from Week 6:

  • What a killer early slate of games!
  • Both Sams were excellent but only one survived
  • LSU and Florida both fall
  • Dan Mullen has thoughts on defense and fans
  • Miami and Tennessee do not belong
  • Clemson, UNC, ND in the ACC
  • ACC chaos
  • KSU, ISU stay unbeaten in the Big 12
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Miami and Tennessee have huge tests to prove that they belong in the national conversation this week against Clemson and Georgia.

There is a train wreck happening in the Red River Shootout, what do we make of Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M facing Florida and the Hokies and Heels battle it out in the ACC.

Meanwhile, Bama, Notre Dame and Iowa St try to hold serve.

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Alabama and Georgia face huge tests in the SEC while former Big 12 frontrunner Oklahoma goes on the road to battle Iowa St. A bunch of ranked teams with some "handle your business" games and lots of coaches under pressure to win. Oh, and the Pac-12 is back!

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Oklahoma and LSU headlined a wild weekend in college football, but it's important to remember that there is a lot of losing left to do. What do we make of Texas, Oklahoma State and the rest of the Big 12 so far in 2020? SEC QB debuts were stunning and stunningly bad. And Miami continues to roll while the questions pile up in Tallahassee. And the bad beats to top all bad beats.

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The SEC rejoins college football! Hooray! And some of the best games of the week come from the Southeast as Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee go on the road. What the hell is going on at Florida State? Can Iowa St and Ok-State bounce back in the Big 12? And picks against the spread our gambling expert.

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Miami posts the biggest win of the year to date on the road against Louisville while the big dogs played meaningless games in the ACC (although, keep an eye on Pitt). Ok-State lost Spencer Sanders and immediately watched the offense disappear.

Did the Big Ten serve up the league championship to Ohio State with their new schedule? Who is the favorite in the West and what did Nebraska do the B1G? (Oh, that's right, they filed a lawsuit)

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The Big Ten is back baby! What do you need to know about the Big Ten's return to play, why it happened the way it did and can they get the season in to make the Playoff? We also look back at what we learned from Week 2 (looking at you Florida St and Iowa St) and dive deep into a Week 3 slate of games highlighted by Miami and Louisville.

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What did we learn in Week 1 from the sloppy, lop-sided games we saw? Why the Big Ten is the political center of the sports universe, why Lincoln Riley has disappointed us and why gambling could save college football (not destroy it).

And, get this, a complete Week 2 preview of all the games, new faces in new places and picks against the spread! Hooray!

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Rosters have changed, schedules have changed and four leagues aren't planning on playing football (for now). So have our predictions changed in the ACC, Big 12 or SEC? Georgia-Florida, who plays Clemson in the title game and has the gap on Oklahoma closed in the Big 12? All that and a Week 1 preview.

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We ignore reality and pretend that all 130 teams are playing football in 2020 so that we can argue about QBs. And rank them, of course. Steven and Braden combine their lists to form the official Cover 2 podcast QB rankings of 2020. We agree on the top 4 but that's about it. Enjoy!

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We spend the first 40 minutes of the show breaking down the SEC's new schedule, if a 10-game model is viable post-pandemic, talking camp news and why fans in stadiums isn't a terrible thing. And then talk testing, campus life screwing everything up and the Big Ten's PR nightmare.

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We alternate between hopeful and impending doom this week as we discuss the Big Ten and Pac-12 decisions to cancel the season. What can we learn, what is next and maybe a few good things fans don't have to stress about at all. Plus, we pretend there will be football and debate the new SEC schedule winners and losers.

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We've all had a lot weighing on us this year and I have a lot in my heart bubble up this weekend that I need to share with you - my college football family. And since I come from a family of compulsive over-sharers (shockingly), here is how I feel about the state of college football. You can disagree and I'm okay with that but honesty is the only way I know how to live. With peace and love, Braden Gall.

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Unfortunately, we are stuck again discussing the impacts Covid is having on college football. One team cancelled football, the Big Ten has announced it's schedule for 2020 and players across the country are starting to unite against the College Football Machine. What does it all mean and who will ultimately decide the fate of the 2020 season?

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The ACC makes a major announcement to play 10 conference games and one non-con game in 2020. They are removing divisions and adding Notre Dame. What does this mean for the ACC title race, which games are added and what could this decision do for the rest of the Power 5 conferences, especially the SEC's pending scheduling decision. Additionally, players are beginning to opt-out of football - who do we expect to follow suit?

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Sure, we have to give a short 'Rona update but we talked about actual sports! Like the most important QB battles. Do Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin and Florida St count as battles? Is Oregon and LSU all but decided? How good can Georgia or Michigan be if they choose the right guy? What about Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, Utah, Virginia, and Purdue? Hooray, arguing about sports!

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Nick and Braden get to play college football dictator for a day. What would they do, what would they change, what issues would they address? And how should schools and fans be thinking about the hot seat while budgets are getting crunched.

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Thursday was an unprecedented day in college football as the Big Ten announced it won't play non-conference games in 2020. What does this mean for the best of college football, what does it mean a season could look like this fall and what does it mean for the Group of 5. And does it accelerate major structural changes to the game? Steven and Braden break it all down.

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The fourth annual Athlon Sports college football Dream Road Trip is underway! The rules are simple: Steven, Nick and Braden get to pick a game to go to each week but you can only see each team once. Where are you headed and why? Play the home version and tweet us your college football Dream Road Trip. Drink responsibly and no pants allowed!

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We take a deep dive into our Group of 5 predictions for 2020. Which teams could challenge for the New Year's Six bowl, who we picked to win every league and we explain a pretty cool theme developing among of the best G5 teams this year.

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Are we watching a power dynamic transformation take place in college football as athletes around the country speak up about racial issues and the 'Rona? How can coaches use this to their advantage? With cases rising everywhere, are we more concerned about the season? And making fun of our Dad Game.

Direct download: Cover_2_062320.mp3
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We take a deeper look at our ACC predictions beyond Clemson over North Carolina in the title game. Who else could win the title? Who is the toughest team to pinpoint? Who are the sleepers in 2020 and has the middle of this league improved? Which players does the nation need to know about? What is the state of QB play in the ACC this fall? And who is Unmust-See TV?

Direct download: Cover_2_061920.mp3
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We take a deeper look at our Big Ten predictions beyond Ohio St over Wisconsin in the title game. Who else could win the title? Who is the toughest team to pinpoint? Who are the sleepers in 2020? Which players does the nation need to know about? What is the state of QB play in the Big Ten this fall? And who is Unmust-See TV?

Direct download: Cover_2_061720.mp3
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We take a deeper look at our SEC predictions beyond Alabama over Florida in the title game. Who else could win the title? Who is the toughest team to pinpoint? Who are the sleepers in 2020? Which players does the nation need to know about? What is the state of QB play in the SEC this fall? And who is Unmust-See TV?

Direct download: Cover_2_061620.mp3
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We take a deeper look at our Big 12 predictions beyond Oklahoma over Oklahoma St in the title game. Who else could win the title? Who is the toughest team to pinpoint? Who are the sleepers in 2020? Which players does the nation need to know about? And what teams are Unmust-See TV this fall? Outside of Kansas, is there a "bad" team in this league?

Direct download: Cover_2_061420.mp3
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We take a deeper look at our Pac-12 predictions beyond Oregon over USC in the title game. Who can win the title? Who is the toughest team to pinpoint? Who are the sleepers in 2020? Which players does the nation need to know about? And what teams are Unmust-See TV this fall? Also, is UCLA relevant?

Direct download: Cover_2_061120.mp3
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To answer the question of how to develop a young, star QB in a virtual world, we asked the experts. We visited with Arizona St offensive coordinator Zak Hill, Iowa State QB coach Joel Gordon, USC's offensive coordinator Graham Harrell and North Carolina's OC/QB coach Phil Longo about how they developed four of the best young QBs in college football this offseason.

Direct download: Cover_2_QB_Development.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 2:00pm CST

The guys look at which teams made the biggest jump in the preseason rankings from 2019 to 2020 and which teams fell the furtherest. And, of course, why? We also touch on some roster news and notes, the early stages of Covid-19 testing and the complicated legacy Dabo Swinney is creating as it pertains to social issues.

Direct download: Cover_2_060320.mp3
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It's an annual rite of passage in the college football world: Ranking the head coaches! Steven and Braden give you their top 25 head coaches in college football and discuss the greatest risers and fallers from last year. Do we like upside? Do we like consistency? Do we like Tom Herman or David Shaw?

Direct download: Cover_2_052820.mp3
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We hate your team! Nick Kayal plays the roll of twitter police as we discuss what he likes and doesn't like about our Top 25. Which Big 12 team does he think we totally missed on? Are the defending champs too high at No. 8? Which team outside of the Top 25 should be in the rankings?

Direct download: C2_052120.mp3
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Our Top 25 is out and now we've got to explain ourselves. Why did we pick Clemson over Alabama in the title game? Why did we pick Oklahoma (again) to claim the fourth spot? Who plays Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game? Why did we pick Florida over Georgia? Could star QBs lead sleepers from North Carolina, Texas, Iowa St and USC?

Direct download: C2_051820_Top_25.mp3
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We start a two-part series looking at the coaches of college football. Who are the top coaches in each of the Group of 5 conferences? Which names will find themselves joining the Power 5 ranks soon? Which names could be G5 lifers? And what do we make of all the retreads trying to rebuild their careers?

Direct download: C2_051220_G5_Coaches.mp3
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We react to the seven different scheduling models being proposed by college football power brokers. Which ones are most likely and which ones seem crazy? How are media days being effected by the pandemic? Is the NCAA actually planning and detailing resocialization better than anyone else? Lastly, how has this impacted magazine production and which teams will be best suited to handle this type of disruption.

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The NCAA took a major step forward in the Name, Image and Likeness issue in recommending that athletes be allowed to finally capitalize on being, well, themselves. But their hand was forced and there are just as many questions as answers still. The guys break it all down. Also, some win total over/unders for 2020 from Nick and who has adapted to the digital pandemic in recruiting the best?

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We recap the NFL Draft from the college perspective. The SEC has dominated for the 14th straight year and the trend doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. LSU also had a record-setting weekend as well. Where have all the QB jobs gone and what does it mean for the future of the position in college? And our annual reminder that recruiting rankings REALLY matter.

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Former NFL WR Chris Doering stops by to break down the best WR class in modern draft history. Is it easier to play the position today? Who should be the No. 1 prospect this year? Which coaches and staffs are developing guys the best? Why the NFL is craving versatility?

Direct download: C2_042220_Doering_WR.mp3
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Braden is joined by PFF's Steve Palazzolo to talk about how data and science have changed the evaluation process of prospects and the game of football in general. How does it help evaluate QBs? Which programs are doing the best job of developing players? Are coaches trying to "break football?"

Direct download: C2_042220_Steve_PFF.mp3
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Braden had a conversation with the great B/R's Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) about how the evaluation process has changed over the years, how the QB position has changed and future trends at the WR and CB position. Also, Tua to the Pats and which positions to avoid later in the draft in 2020.

Direct download: C2_042020_Matt_Miller.mp3
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There is an NFL Draft scenario that could break the internet and it involved Tua and the Patriots. Joe Burrow is the least covered No. 1 overall pick I can remember. Should Jordan Love be a first rounder? Should Justin Herbert? And a comp for Jalen Hurts that should scare you.

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Charlotte's Will Healy, Buffalo's Lance Leipold, Middle Tennesse's Rick Stockstill and NIU's Sean Frazier join me to talk about the state of life in the Group of 5. What is happening on G5 campuses to prepare for the fall? How are coaches and administrators handling the pandemic? What is recruiting and development like during these bizarre times? What are the financial stakes currently at this level?

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Chris Childers and I began our careers together at in 2005. And it was a total zoo. So we thought we'd spend some time reminiscing about how we got into this business and what life was like during the explosion of the recruiting world and college sports media. Come for the stories about Lou Holtz and Coach O but stay for that time someone pooped in a tent at Bonnaroo.

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Nick and Braden play some heavy tunes and some light tunes. Does golf's return signal anything about college football? Has the style of play, presentation and structure of the sport changed for the better over the years? Is Dabo totally missing the boat (or plane) in this Covid-19 world we live in? Is it more heart-breaking for middle-tier programs when they miss their crack at the natty? And what are the best cheap college beers?

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Mitch Light is back! We talk about putting the magazines together, what we've learned over 40 years for eight different media companies about how the media and the fans interact. We talk about consolidation, digital evolution, the burden placed on fans to decipher between fact and opinion, how college football is uniquely influenced by misinformation and the future of broadcasting sporting events.

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The guys are previewing the 2020 Athlon Sports College Football magazines by diving into the toughest decisions we will have to make this spring. Ohio St has dominated this league and is the favorite again, but could Penn St, Wisconsin, Minnesota or Michigan challenge? How deep is the West Division? Can Michigan St bounce back? How much pressure is there to win in Lincoln?

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The guys are previewing the 2020 Athlon Sports College Football magazines by diving into the toughest decisions we will have to make this spring. The ACC is Clemson's league right now but the rest of the conference is improving. Could Florida St and North Carolina be this year's Louisville and could the Cards challenge as well? Is it a five-team race in the chaotic Coastal (yes, it is)? Can Wake maintain, Georgia Tech grow, NC State or Cuse bounce back?

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The guys are previewing the 2020 Athlon Sports College Football magazines by diving into the toughest decisions we will have to make this spring. In the SEC (for the first time in a while) the race for the 'ship is wide open, but how many teams can make a case to be front-runner? Does Florida or Auburn or Texas A&M fit into this group? Is anything more interesting than the state of Mississippi? Can Tennessee or Kentucky continue to grow? What about new coaches at Mizzou and Arkansas?

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The guys are previewing the 2020 Athlon Sports College Football magazines by diving into the toughest decisions we will have to make this spring. In the Pac-12, can anyone challenge Oregon even without Justin Herbert? Is USC again the most difficult team to pinpoint? Is Cal ready to challenge for a division title? Can Jayden Daniels carry ASU to a South title? How tough is Utah's rebuild? Which new coach in the state of Washington can win the quickest? And what the hell is UCLA?

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The guys are previewing the 2020 Athlon Sports College Football preview magazines by diving into the toughest decisions we will have to make this spring. In the Big 12, can anyone catch Oklahoma? Do Iowa St and Baylor belong on the second tier with Texas and Oklahoma State? What is Texas missing? Which bottom tier team is poised to jump into the mix?

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The guys are quarantined but still talking college football. It appears like all systems are still go for 2020 but who knows? In the meantime, we take a look back at our favorite college fantasy players of this generation. Where else will you hear about James Casey and Jacquizz Rodgers in the same breath as Vince Young and Johnny Manziel?

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The Coronavirus has reached college football but should Nick and Braden stay home from the SEC tourney? Florida passed a law that should accelerate the NIL calendar while Nebraska is (smartly) the first school to dive head first into the endorsement waters. Attendance, shockingly, is down across the nation again. Lastly, we  focus on USC's unhappiness in the Pac-12 and could it lead to a next wave of conference realignment? What would we realign if we had the power? And a Love Is Blind review.

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Coaching news headlines the show today as Colorado has made a hire, Georgia poached Alabama again and two Big Ten coaches got raises. Athlon is also ranking the top 50 players in college football this week, so Nick and Braden take a look at the dudes they are most excited to watch in 2020. Who is must-see TV in 2020?

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Using spring football headlines to decide who will be good at football is pretty silly. But there are plenty of actual football related reasons to be bullish on a bunch of teams in 2020. Which teams are slated to make jumps this year? Additionally, the ACC has joined the B1G in pushing for change in regards to transfers and what's the latest in the Colorado coaching search?

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The guys take their final look at 2019 with a deep dive into the most bizarre outcomes of the season, the biggest upsets of the year and most delectable team stats of the season. We also offer our takes on Mel Tucker's decision to leave Colorado for Michigan State and hit on some headlines from around college football.

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Mark Dantonio stepped down in bizarre fashion so the guys offer their thoughts on his career, how good of a job is Michigan St and who might replace him. We also recap National Signing Day from 10,000 feet and tell which teams overachieved and disappointed. 

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The Super Bowl is here and the guys look at how each team constructed its roster through college football. Also, is the old way of winning games on trial on Super Sunday? Can game managers win national titles? Finally, we dive deep into the NCAA documents obtained by the LA Times.

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We break down the biggest winners and losers from the NFL Draft deadline and how it may impact conference races. All 22 coaching vacancies have been filled, so we react to the final few hires as well a lot of coordinator news as well. Finally, Miami and others have landed transfer QBs that could change the dynamic of the 2020 season.

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We are happy to introduce new host Nick Kayal. So follow him on twitter @NickKayal and welcome him to the team! We give you a background on Nick, where he came from and why he loves the greatest sport on the planet. We talk LSU's coaching staff and some of Nick's favorite storylines moving into the 2020 offseason.

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We take a deep dive into the VERY early top 25 for 2020. Who are the top playoff contenders? Which teams are losing the most talent and which teams are returning loaded for bear? Is the SEC West more open than it's been in years? Is the Pac-12 in trouble again? Can Penn St challenge Ohio St? Can anyone in the ACC challenge Clemson?

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The new version of the podcast launches with an in-depth breakdown of LSU's national title victory over Clemson. Was this the greatest season by a college QB ever? Will Coach O's career arc change the way we view hiring coaches? What will LSU and Clemson look like next year? Who you got: Trevor Lawrence or Burrow long term in the NFL? 

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The national championship game is (finally) here and the guys breakdown every angle the LSU-Clemson matchup on Mitch Light's final pod. What does it mean for coaching legacies on both sides? Can Clemson get stops on defense? Are there any areas of weakness for either team? And does the national championship come down to which set of DBs can make plays? 

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Every year, we look back at our picks and hold ourselves accountable. Which teams did we totally whiff on? Which teams were far better than we thought? Which coaches exceeded expectations and which ones disappointed? We like to take stock at the end of the year and admit our shortcomings (and maybe brag about some of the stuff we got right).

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LSU and Clemson will meet in the national championship game. How special is Joe Burrow's season and how unique is Coach O's career arc? Meanwhile, where does Oklahoma go for answers and what's Jalen Hurts legacy? Clemson and Ohio St gave us a gem of a game but was it as controversial as Buckeyes think? Why did Clemson really advance and who was the "better team?"

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Braden and Mitch break down every possible angle of the Clemson-Ohio St and Oklahoma-LSU games. They call in the big guns as Steven Lassan joins us to make picks and discuss what could take place on Semifinal Saturday.

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How should fans react to National Signing Day? How about don't overvalue the news of the day and focus on the big picture? The guys break down who overachieved, who should be worried and does the early signing period work? Also, Mitch and Braden have a major programming announcement as well.

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Braden gives his Heisman ballot away and explains why he did (or didn't) vote for certain players. Spoiler: He voted for Joe Burrow. Which spurns a discussion about the greatest single seasons by QBs in college history. Minor coaching news gives way to a large scale debate about why YOUR favorite coach is still employed.

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There has been a few more hires in college football and the guys break down all of the new faces, including Lane Kiffin, Sam Pittman, Steve Addazio, Jeff Scott, Eli Drinkwitz and Mike Norvell. Then the guys preview bowl season in the only way they know how: By talking about Jim Walden and Bill Dooley, of course.

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The College Football Playoff field is set and Mitch and Braden offer instant analysis, predictions and thoughts on the bracket. Who should be No. 1? Is Clemson being disrespected? Is Oklahoma worthy? Who is going to win it all and why? The guys also touch on Lane Kiffin's return to the SEC and Mike Norvell leaving for Florida St.

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Championship Weekend is here and the playoff implications couldn't be greater. The guys preview all of the conference title games, discuss all of the possible playoff scenarios and explain what the penultimate rankings mean for the final weekend. The guys also cover the latest from the coaching carousel, including an absolute shocker at Washington.

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Fighting, pissed off coaches, division championships and coaches getting fired all highlight a wild and entertaining Rivalry Weekend. Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Virginia all win huge rivalry games and get into title games while the top three rolled easily. Mizzou, Boston College, Ole Miss and others passed out pink slips as well. 

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It's one of the best weekends of football all year as Thanksgiving and the Egg Bowl collide! Ohio St-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, Bedlam, Civil War, Apple Cup, Commonwealth Cup, Clean Old-Fashioned Hate, the Territorial Cup and Baylor-Kansas highlight a supremely awesome weekend of important and fun football games. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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LSU continues to roll and Ohio St posts one of the biggest wins of the year, so have they done enough to make the Playoff even with a loss? What about Clemson? A wild night in the Pac-12 has eliminated Oregon and an equally wild day in the Big 12 clarifies the title race. Who is bowling and who needs another win to bowl?

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In what appears to be the worst weekend of action, several Playoff contenders need to hold serve. Outside of the huge showdown between Penn St and Ohio St, Georgia, Oregon, Utah, Baylor, Oklahoma and LSU should all roll. (This means be prepared for chaos).

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If there was a chance Alabama could get into the Playoff, it may have disappeared along with Tua's injury. Baylor and Minnesota both lost for the first time but can they get back in? Georgia is the nation's best one-loss team after beating Auburn. And who is better: Oregon or Utah?

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