Cover 2 College Football pod

We brought our own guts for this week's podcast, and we'll need guts to break down another wild week in which few favorites were left unscathed. Co-hosts Braden Gall and David Fox assess the panic levels for Ohio State after a scare with Indiana and Michigan State after another injury-riddled close call.

Then, we look at the Big 12 and the landscape at the top and the age-old playoff argument of "best team" (Baylor),  "most deserving" (Oklahoma) and a little of both (TCU), plus the rising panic level at Texas. Meanwhile, the ACC is as messy as Saturday's weather in Clemson. Are the Tigers starting to look like the team to beat? (Hint: It's not Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech.) Finally, we talk about the recalibration in the SEC. Is Florida the new favorite in the East and is Alabama back to being the best team in the conference agai

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