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The SEC is too big for one podcast, so our preseason rankings and debate series continues with the SEC East.

As we start to break down the preseason rankings, we look at the trends that will shape the East. Missouri won the division a year ago and has the consensus top quarterback in the East, but can the Tigers repeat? We’re not sold.

Florida may be an X-factor with a healthy Jeff Driskel, but Georgia and South Carolina have the most complete teams aside from quarterback questions.

We also took reader questions this week from Twitter and Facebook. Have a question you’d like to have answered on the podcast? Tweet us at @AthlonSports or email

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Athlon’s Braden Gall and David Fox split up A-Day duties, spending time at Auburn and Alabama through each school’s spring game.

At Auburn, the fan base (and athletic director) is enjoying the rebound, but Gus Malzahn is busy at work trying to ramp up the tempo of the offense while plugging holes on defense.

At Alabama, the fans have moved on from the 0-2 finish to last season, but the losing streak exposed some cracks in leadership and culture in the Alabama locker room. Nick Saban spent the spring trying to reinforce those things.

In the spring games, both teams learned a bit about their quarterbacks. Nick Marshall may be on his way to being a standout passer while Blake Sims might not be the top guy for much longer.

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The debate concerning preseason rankings has started around the Athlon Sports offices, and we’re giving you an inside look at all the conversations that will shape the 2014 countdown.

This week, Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you inside the process of the rankings meeting as they talk through the teams in the ACC.

Will anyone challenge Florida State in the Atlantic? Will Louisville be a factor in Bobby Petrino’s return? And how do we sort out the mess that is the Coastal Division?

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Athlon Sports’ annual rankings of every college football coach in the FBS posted this week. The No. 1 spot may be clear, but the rest of the rankings weren’t so easy.

Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you into the process of ranking every coach, explaining the criteria we used and some dissension in the ranks.

Our panel felt pretty confident about the first four, but we love the top coaches in the Big 12. Also, we explain the difficulty in ranking coaches in the 20-30 range, defend the coaches who are underrated and identify the coaches who have a chance to move up the rankings in 2015.

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Now that the NCAA Tournament is complete, the Athlon editors can take a deeper look at the upcoming college football season. The rankings discussion for the preseason magazines is in full swing as spring practice is in its final weeks.

Braden Gall, David Fox and Steven Lassan take you inside the process of the rankings meeting as they talk through the teams in the Big Ten.

Who can challenge Ohio State? Will Michigan State continue to be a contender for the title? Can teams like Michigan and Nebraska return to power house status?

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