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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk College Football Playoff era, what we learned and what the last 10 years has taught us about the game. One of us is talking themself into picking Michigan and no one has a clue what is going to happen in the Teaxs-Washington game. Plus, the Florida St lawsuit and New Year's Six games.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. Recruiting rankings have always been the north star of national championships but the portal and NIL have changed the way teams manage their rosters. Can the upper middle class now compete for titles or will greater changes have to happen to create parity. Do we even want parity?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football playoff, the first week of bowl games, Jayden Daniels' Heisman Trophy win, how to make the award more inclusive, which defensive players should be mentioned, big time portal commitments at the QB position and Tulane makes a big hire.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. Just ignore the conspiracy theories and realize that this year is what it is. The TV ratings in 2023 paint an incredibly impressive and sad picture of the Pac-12. The portal is open and it's even wilder than expected as Kyle McCord heads a long list of QBs who've decided to change teams. What is the new NCAA subdivision and how will it impact the future of the game?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. The last-ever rankings were the most controversial and chaotic in the 10-year history of the four-team playoff. Did they get it right? Did they ask the right questions? Did the right teams get left out? Who should be most mad? Instant reaction and winners in the Michigan-Alabama game and Washington-Texas.

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