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Kelly Bryant is leaving Clemson. What does it mean for Clemson, why did it happen and where should Bryant end up? There are prove it games across college football for Texas, Duke, Texas Tech, Kentucky, Syracuse and Cal. Dan Mullen's return to Starkville is must-see TV. And two marquee showdowns in South Bend and Happy Valley take center stage in Week 5.

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Braden and Mitch offer their top four teams and who has been officially eliminated from the Playoff. Who is sicker today: Virginia Tech or Oregon? Is the ACC in real trouble? The Big Ten bounced back in a big way. Is Texas back? (sorry) And we've got lots of clarity in the SEC East after a huge week four.

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Four massive games in the SEC East an I-35 showdown highlight Week 4. Kentucky, Mizzou, Vandy and Tennessee all host huge games while TCU travels south to Austin to battle Texas. An underrated rivalry in the Big Ten West could decide the division this weekend. Notre Dame will have its hands full with Wake Forest and Stanford's trip to Eugene will go a long way to deciding the Pac-12 North crown. Should either Bama or Clemson be worried this weekend?

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LSU has changed it's story more through three weeks than any other team in the nation. But how good are they? Washington's win was super underrated. And Ohio State saved the day in what turned into a nightmare weekend for the Big Ten. Is the Big 12 better at the top than we thought after Texas, Ok-State and OU win easily? And how does the Pac-12 race look after three weeks? Finally, Mitch recaps his trip to South Bend and his run-in with Notre Dame security.

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The SEC West takes a lot of focus this weekend as Alabama and LSU play big road games against Ole Miss and Auburn respectively. Could LSU pick off another top 10 team? Utah is underrated right now and could knock off the Pac-12 preseason champ. Is TCU capable of hanging with Ohio St? Will Texas and USC be great theater or an ugly football game? All of this and much more on this week's preview.

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Mitch and Braden break down all of the action from Week 2. Who make the Playoff today? Is the Pac-12 better than we thought and is the Big Ten worse than we thought? Is the SEC East race already over? Is there reason for concern about Clemson or reason for hope for Texas A&M? And what to do about the worst rule in all of football?

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There are huge playoff implications on the line when both Clemson and Georgia go on the road this weekend. And can Stanford make a big statement against USC? The Cy Hawk Trophy is up for grabs in Iowa while Penn State and Pitt do battle in PA. Can Florida keep its streak alive against Kentucky and can Michigan State go out West and top Coach Herm? Hail State vs. Bill Snyder? And so much more in our Week 2 preview.

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Week 1 Recap: Has our top four changed? Tua vs. Hurts and Saban vs. the Media? Big wins for LSU, Virginia Tech and Notre Dame have changed the way we view certain leagues. Are we more concerned about Michigan, Miami or Florida State? And did both teams actually win in the Auburn-Washington tilt? Mitch's offers us reasons for optimism and reasons for concerns moving forward. Fantasy performers, waiver wire adds and more!

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