Cover 2 College Football pod

Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 13 in college football.

  • Bama, Clemson handle business with ease
  • Notre Dame extremely impressive
  • TAMU, UF keep winning
  • What type of chaos could happen in the rankings?
  • Congrats to Iowa State
  • Auburn fan's reaction to the Iron Bowl
  • Gus vs. Herman vs. Harbaugh
  • Who should be their targets?
  • Jimmy Lake, UW in first place
  • Schiano, Pittman doing work
  • Sarah Fuller makes history
  • Jaret Patterson's ALMOST record
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall preview Week 13 in college football.

  • What did we learn from the first rankings?
  • Does a G5 team have a path to the playoff?
  • Trainwrecks in the Big Ten
  • Egg Bowl, Florida, Texas A&M and LSU
  • The Civil War
  • The Iron Bowl
  • Iowa St at Texas
  • Notre Dame at North Carolina

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit (50:00) joins us to talk playoff committee, evaluating coaches, playoff scheduling and transparency in college football.

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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 12 in college football:

  • Our Top 4 and predictions for the committee
  • Boring Bedlam, why does Gundy get a pass?
  • Big 12 race down to three teams
  • Wisconsin, Indiana, Ok-State eliminated?
  • OSU-NW basically clinch, can NW compete?
  • Clemson-Florida St twitter fiasco
  • G5 Gambling Greatness
  • Is this the year we finally let a G5 into the playoff?
  • Kyle Trask and JT Daniels doing work
  • Coaches on the hot seat: Coach O, Franklin, Frost, Pruitt
  • Pac-12 wrap up
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall preview Week 12 in college football.

  • Bedlam decides the Big 12
  • Two huge showdowns in the Big Ten
  • Clemson, Bama, Florida need to cruise
  • Oregon, USC to be tested out West
  • Juicy Group of 5 matchups
  • Solid B1G undercard to watch
  • Picks Against the Spread from MyBookie
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall recap Week 11.

  • Top 4s haven't changed
  • Pac-12 saved a fair boring weekend
  • Ian Book is underrated, ND wins easily
  • Miami, UNC stay in the race
  • Trask vs. Jones vs. Fields vs. Lawrence
  • Indiana, NW are good at football
  • Should coaches be fired in 2020:
  • Harbaugh, Herman, Franklin, Pruitt, Helton, Muschamp, etc.
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Nick Kayal and Braden Gall break down Week 10:

  • How to rank Clemson, Notre Dame?
  • What did the Irish prove on Saturday?
  • Where should Florida rank?
  • What in THE hell is happening in the Big Ten?
  • Miami's offense does it again
  • Oregon impressive, USC somehow wins
  • What is wrong with so many good programs?
  • BYU, Cincinnati win impressively
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