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Host Braden Gall sits down with former Oklahoma great Roy Williams and former Clemson great Tajh Boyd to preview the Orange Bowl Playoff game on New Year's Eve. The guys break down the coaches, players, matchups and legacies of the prestigious contest.

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Hosts Braden Gall, Mitch Light and David Fox break down both Playoff games from every possible angle. The long layoff, injuries, coaching legacy, offense, defense, location and so much more in our preview of Oklahoma-Clemson and Alabama-Michigan State.

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Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox try to figure out exactly how many bowls is too many bowls? Also, what to the fans think of Playoff games on New Year's Eve? Mizzou lawmakers, SEC coaching overlap, Texas A&M issues and a preview of the first half of bowl on this edition of the Cover 2 podcast.

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Hosts Braden Gall, David Fox and Mitch Light offer up their favorite, best, worst and ugliest from the world of college football in 2015. They guys give their best game, best player, best play, best freshman and best uniforms. What about ugliest game, worst coaching job, favorite TV show and favorite bowl sponsor. They rank everything.

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Hosts Braden Gall and David Fox analyze the final Playoff rankings. Did the Committee get it right? Who is the favorite to win it all? What storylines are you most looking forward to? And is this the best Heisman Trophy race of all-time?

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Hosts Mitch Light and Braden Gall preview Championship Week 2015. What needs to happen for your team to get into the Playoff? We break down every possibly scenario in an effort to help Ohio State, Stanford and North Carolina fans. The we break down every major championship game. Can Florida's D-Line slow down Bama enough to keep it close? Will North Carolina have enough defense to stop DeShaun Watson? Will USC take advantage of Stanford's lack of big-play defense? And which ground and pound Big Ten team has the advantage?

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