Cover 2 College Football pod

Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

Temp Check:

  • Iowa is shutout, Penn St keeps maturing
  • Wazzu beats Our Beavers
  • Utah at Oregon St

2-Point Conversation:

  • What did Ohio St's win over Notre Dame mean?
  • More things change, more they stay same in SEC
  • Why is Florida St and the ACC disrespected?
  • A dividing line in the Big 12

Week 5 Progression:

  • Kansas at Texas
  • Notre Dame at Duke
  • Florida at Kentucky
  • LSU at Ole Miss
  • Georgia at Auburn
  • USC at Colorado

Bets against the Spread, G5 Checkdown, Leftovers: Illinois over Purdue, Tennessee hosts South Carolina, playoff contenders on the road, Washington's dominance, Cuse-Clemson and more.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

Temp Check: Beavers at Wazzu, Iowa at Penn St

2-Point Conversation:

  • Mel Tucker is out, where does Michigan st go?
  • Is there a clear No. 1 team this year?
  • Is there a defensive renaissance taking place?
  • Proof of concept wins for LOTS of coaches

Week 4 Progression:

  • Florida St at Clemson
  • Ohio St at Notre Dame
  • Ole Miss at Alabama
  • Colorado at Oregon
  • UCLA at Utah
  • Auburn at Texas A&M
  • G5: UTSA, SMU and Memphis

Bets Against the Spread:

  • Braden: 3-2 LW, 8-5 YTD
  • Lasso: 2-2 LW, 5-6 YTD

Leftovers: Bizarro Big 12, Texas and OU on the road, do or die wins across the country and playoff teams holding serve.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. 

Temp Check: Oregon St, Wazzu and Iowa's offense

2-point Conversation:

  • SEC West reevaluation, Bama's dynasty
  • Texas domination, Big 12's upper crust
  • What exactly is the Pac-12?
  • Big Ten West questions

Week 3 Progressions: Tennessee-Florida, LSU-Miss St, Washington-Mich St, Kansas St-Mizzou, Penn St-Illinois, Backyard Brawl

G5 Check Down: Rocky Mountain Showdown, South Alabama-Oklahoma St

Week 3 Bets Against the Spread:

  • Braden: 2-2 LW, 5-2 YTD
  • Lasso: 3-1 LW, 3-4 YTD

Leftovers: When can we talk about Georgia, Ohio St and Michigan? The ACC-Big Ten challenge.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. What did we learn about QBs in Week 1 and their chances at winning championships? Texas-Bama, SEC road trips, old rivalries and more highlight Week 2. Oregon State and Iowa temp checks. The Big 12's rough first week and chances at rebounding week 2 with big tests. Colorado leads a highlight first weekend for the Pac-12 but needs to prove itself again in Week 2.

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