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We recap the NFL Draft from the college perspective. The SEC has dominated for the 14th straight year and the trend doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. LSU also had a record-setting weekend as well. Where have all the QB jobs gone and what does it mean for the future of the position in college? And our annual reminder that recruiting rankings REALLY matter.

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Former NFL WR Chris Doering stops by to break down the best WR class in modern draft history. Is it easier to play the position today? Who should be the No. 1 prospect this year? Which coaches and staffs are developing guys the best? Why the NFL is craving versatility?

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Braden is joined by PFF's Steve Palazzolo to talk about how data and science have changed the evaluation process of prospects and the game of football in general. How does it help evaluate QBs? Which programs are doing the best job of developing players? Are coaches trying to "break football?"

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Braden had a conversation with the great B/R's Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) about how the evaluation process has changed over the years, how the QB position has changed and future trends at the WR and CB position. Also, Tua to the Pats and which positions to avoid later in the draft in 2020.

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There is an NFL Draft scenario that could break the internet and it involved Tua and the Patriots. Joe Burrow is the least covered No. 1 overall pick I can remember. Should Jordan Love be a first rounder? Should Justin Herbert? And a comp for Jalen Hurts that should scare you.

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Charlotte's Will Healy, Buffalo's Lance Leipold, Middle Tennesse's Rick Stockstill and NIU's Sean Frazier join me to talk about the state of life in the Group of 5. What is happening on G5 campuses to prepare for the fall? How are coaches and administrators handling the pandemic? What is recruiting and development like during these bizarre times? What are the financial stakes currently at this level?

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Chris Childers and I began our careers together at in 2005. And it was a total zoo. So we thought we'd spend some time reminiscing about how we got into this business and what life was like during the explosion of the recruiting world and college sports media. Come for the stories about Lou Holtz and Coach O but stay for that time someone pooped in a tent at Bonnaroo.

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Nick and Braden play some heavy tunes and some light tunes. Does golf's return signal anything about college football? Has the style of play, presentation and structure of the sport changed for the better over the years? Is Dabo totally missing the boat (or plane) in this Covid-19 world we live in? Is it more heart-breaking for middle-tier programs when they miss their crack at the natty? And what are the best cheap college beers?

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Mitch Light is back! We talk about putting the magazines together, what we've learned over 40 years for eight different media companies about how the media and the fans interact. We talk about consolidation, digital evolution, the burden placed on fans to decipher between fact and opinion, how college football is uniquely influenced by misinformation and the future of broadcasting sporting events.

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