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Alabama and Georgia face huge tests in the SEC while former Big 12 frontrunner Oklahoma goes on the road to battle Iowa St. A bunch of ranked teams with some "handle your business" games and lots of coaches under pressure to win. Oh, and the Pac-12 is back!

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Oklahoma and LSU headlined a wild weekend in college football, but it's important to remember that there is a lot of losing left to do. What do we make of Texas, Oklahoma State and the rest of the Big 12 so far in 2020? SEC QB debuts were stunning and stunningly bad. And Miami continues to roll while the questions pile up in Tallahassee. And the bad beats to top all bad beats.

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The SEC rejoins college football! Hooray! And some of the best games of the week come from the Southeast as Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee go on the road. What the hell is going on at Florida State? Can Iowa St and Ok-State bounce back in the Big 12? And picks against the spread our gambling expert.

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Miami posts the biggest win of the year to date on the road against Louisville while the big dogs played meaningless games in the ACC (although, keep an eye on Pitt). Ok-State lost Spencer Sanders and immediately watched the offense disappear.

Did the Big Ten serve up the league championship to Ohio State with their new schedule? Who is the favorite in the West and what did Nebraska do the B1G? (Oh, that's right, they filed a lawsuit)

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The Big Ten is back baby! What do you need to know about the Big Ten's return to play, why it happened the way it did and can they get the season in to make the Playoff? We also look back at what we learned from Week 2 (looking at you Florida St and Iowa St) and dive deep into a Week 3 slate of games highlighted by Miami and Louisville.

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What did we learn in Week 1 from the sloppy, lop-sided games we saw? Why the Big Ten is the political center of the sports universe, why Lincoln Riley has disappointed us and why gambling could save college football (not destroy it).

And, get this, a complete Week 2 preview of all the games, new faces in new places and picks against the spread! Hooray!

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Rosters have changed, schedules have changed and four leagues aren't planning on playing football (for now). So have our predictions changed in the ACC, Big 12 or SEC? Georgia-Florida, who plays Clemson in the title game and has the gap on Oklahoma closed in the Big 12? All that and a Week 1 preview.

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