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The ACC makes a major announcement to play 10 conference games and one non-con game in 2020. They are removing divisions and adding Notre Dame. What does this mean for the ACC title race, which games are added and what could this decision do for the rest of the Power 5 conferences, especially the SEC's pending scheduling decision. Additionally, players are beginning to opt-out of football - who do we expect to follow suit?

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Sure, we have to give a short 'Rona update but we talked about actual sports! Like the most important QB battles. Do Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin and Florida St count as battles? Is Oregon and LSU all but decided? How good can Georgia or Michigan be if they choose the right guy? What about Tennessee, Kentucky, Washington, Utah, Virginia, and Purdue? Hooray, arguing about sports!

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Nick and Braden get to play college football dictator for a day. What would they do, what would they change, what issues would they address? And how should schools and fans be thinking about the hot seat while budgets are getting crunched.

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Thursday was an unprecedented day in college football as the Big Ten announced it won't play non-conference games in 2020. What does this mean for the best of college football, what does it mean a season could look like this fall and what does it mean for the Group of 5. And does it accelerate major structural changes to the game? Steven and Braden break it all down.

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The fourth annual Athlon Sports college football Dream Road Trip is underway! The rules are simple: Steven, Nick and Braden get to pick a game to go to each week but you can only see each team once. Where are you headed and why? Play the home version and tweet us your college football Dream Road Trip. Drink responsibly and no pants allowed!

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