Cover 2 College Football pod

Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • NFL Draft deadline winners, losers
  • What will the extra year do to college football?
  • Silly Season is still going, folks
  • Misinformation is everywhere
  • What search firms actually do and...
  • why the good ones are super valuable
  • A look at the best 2020 hires
  • Larry Scott's legacy as Pac-12 commish
  • How to save the Pac-12
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • Tennessee fired Jeremy Pruitt
  • How good of a job is UT, who are the names?
  • Who did we debate for No. 1 in 2021?
  • Which G5 teams will fight for a NY6 bowl?
  • Coastal Chaos in 2021 (and catching Clemson)
  • The top tier in the Big 12
  • Where did all the brands go in the Big Ten?
  • A long training camp for Pac-12 teams? 
  • Bama, UGa a cut above rest of the SEC
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Nick Kayal, Steven Lassan and Braden Gall break down the National Championship game.

  • How are we feeling now that the season is over?
  • How will we look back on this season in 20 years?
  • The Greatness of Alabama in 2020
  • The credit and adversity the players went through
  • Is this Saban's best coaching job
  • The evolution of the game
  • Nick hates Braden's Heisman vote
  • The future of the sport
  • Can CFB survive without churn at the top?
  • Will expansion actually spread out the talent?
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football:

  • DeVonta Smith wins the Heisman
  • Who did Braden vote for and why?
  • Trask vs. Lawrence vs. Jones?
  • Natty News: Sark, Waddle, Covid
  • Can Ohio St continue to pound the rock?
  • How do you cover Smith? Stop Harris?
  • Ryan Day vs. Nick Saban
  • Did Texas execute it's plan to land Sark?
  • What's going on at Florida, UT, Michigan?
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The gang is back to recap the national semifinals. Braden, Nick and Steven talk Alabama and Ohio St's wins:

  • Yet another bowl results PSA
  • Did Bama slow it down?
  • Is Alabama's defense legit?
  • Is Notre Dame willing to change to win?
  • Justin Fields goes off
  • Targeting, play-calling matter?
  • Argument: Rest vs. Rhythm
  • Why Bama-OSU is good for football
  • Why is uniform twitter so easily triggered?

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