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Michigan State, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Syracuse and San Diego State have all hired coaches. What do we think of the moves that have been made in college football over the last few weeks? And how has the coaching carousel changed? Who made the right decision? Who made strange decisions? What will Duke, Indiana, Houston and Boise State do? And welcome back, Bobby Petrino.

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. The penultiumate rankings are out and two teams are wildly underrated. But who should be moved down? The committee has extremely tough decisions to make this weekend. Ryan Day and Hugh Freeze's mistakes set all of this up. We preview every conference championship game and the implications of the final weekend of the season. Oregon or Washington? Can Texas earn its way into the playoff? Can Bama upset Georgia? Can Florida State prove it belongs? Can Iowa score a point against Michigan?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. Championship scenarios across the country dominate the storylines heading into a huge rivalry weekend. Playoff hopes hang in the balance for Florida State, Louisville, Texas, Oregon, Washington and, of course, Michigan and Ohio State. How should the committee deal with Jordan Travis' injury, how will rivlary games change off-season narratives and who will be playing for conference championships next weekend?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. The Heisman predicament: Jayden Daniels Heisman chances hinge on extraordinary play - in less than extraordinary games. Who else is on the top platform? The guys preview Week 12 as top ranked teams head out on the road. Washington is an underdog at Oregon State, Texas is a small favorite over Iowa State and both Georgia (Tennessee) and Michigan (Maryland) travel as well. What other coaching moves could happen this cycle?

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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. The future of the Pac-12 could fall to Oregon St and Washington St after winning the first round of court cases out West. Many teams are getting bowl eligible - which ones deserve credit and which ones are disappointing. Michigan and Jim Harbaugh are in the middle of one of the most unprecendented fiascos in college football history and the eventual outcomes vary. Boise State, Texas A&M and Mississippi State have joined the coaching carousel.

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