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We ignore reality and pretend that all 130 teams are playing football in 2020 so that we can argue about QBs. And rank them, of course. Steven and Braden combine their lists to form the official Cover 2 podcast QB rankings of 2020. We agree on the top 4 but that's about it. Enjoy!

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We spend the first 40 minutes of the show breaking down the SEC's new schedule, if a 10-game model is viable post-pandemic, talking camp news and why fans in stadiums isn't a terrible thing. And then talk testing, campus life screwing everything up and the Big Ten's PR nightmare.

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We alternate between hopeful and impending doom this week as we discuss the Big Ten and Pac-12 decisions to cancel the season. What can we learn, what is next and maybe a few good things fans don't have to stress about at all. Plus, we pretend there will be football and debate the new SEC schedule winners and losers.

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We've all had a lot weighing on us this year and I have a lot in my heart bubble up this weekend that I need to share with you - my college football family. And since I come from a family of compulsive over-sharers (shockingly), here is how I feel about the state of college football. You can disagree and I'm okay with that but honesty is the only way I know how to live. With peace and love, Braden Gall.

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Unfortunately, we are stuck again discussing the impacts Covid is having on college football. One team cancelled football, the Big Ten has announced it's schedule for 2020 and players across the country are starting to unite against the College Football Machine. What does it all mean and who will ultimately decide the fate of the 2020 season?

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