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It's an annual rite of passage in the college football world: Ranking the head coaches! Steven and Braden give you their top 25 head coaches in college football and discuss the greatest risers and fallers from last year. Do we like upside? Do we like consistency? Do we like Tom Herman or David Shaw?

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We hate your team! Nick Kayal plays the roll of twitter police as we discuss what he likes and doesn't like about our Top 25. Which Big 12 team does he think we totally missed on? Are the defending champs too high at No. 8? Which team outside of the Top 25 should be in the rankings?

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Our Top 25 is out and now we've got to explain ourselves. Why did we pick Clemson over Alabama in the title game? Why did we pick Oklahoma (again) to claim the fourth spot? Who plays Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game? Why did we pick Florida over Georgia? Could star QBs lead sleepers from North Carolina, Texas, Iowa St and USC?

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We start a two-part series looking at the coaches of college football. Who are the top coaches in each of the Group of 5 conferences? Which names will find themselves joining the Power 5 ranks soon? Which names could be G5 lifers? And what do we make of all the retreads trying to rebuild their careers?

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We react to the seven different scheduling models being proposed by college football power brokers. Which ones are most likely and which ones seem crazy? How are media days being effected by the pandemic? Is the NCAA actually planning and detailing resocialization better than anyone else? Lastly, how has this impacted magazine production and which teams will be best suited to handle this type of disruption.

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The NCAA took a major step forward in the Name, Image and Likeness issue in recommending that athletes be allowed to finally capitalize on being, well, themselves. But their hand was forced and there are just as many questions as answers still. The guys break it all down. Also, some win total over/unders for 2020 from Nick and who has adapted to the digital pandemic in recruiting the best?

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