Cover 2 College Football pod

Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.

  • What did we expect?
  • Selfishness, greed dominates
  • Total chaos of last few years
  • Will never get equity
  • Charm vs. profits
  • When was CFB small business?
  • News: UK, UGa, Michigan, ASU
  • Top 10 games of Week 1
  • Notre Dame-Ohio St
  • Oregon-Georgia
  • LSU-Florida State
  • Utah-Florida
  • Cincinnati-Arkansas
  • Backyard Brawl 
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football. News and Notes:
  • Auburn retains Bryan Harsin... why?
  • Baylor, Cincinnati extend coaches
  • C-USA, Sun Belt scheduling conflict

Transfer QB analysis and breakdown:

  • Big 12's biggest brands using portal
  • Big Ten's best teams are homegrown
  • Pac-12 has the best transfer QBs
  • SEC middle class propped up
  • ACC is a total hodge podge
  • G5: UCF, Mountain West, Fun Belt
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Steven Lassen and Braden Gall talk college football. 

  • ACC might be getting rid of divisions!
  • (Why we still hate divisions)
  • The real goal of playoff expansion
  • What on earth is happening at Auburn?
  • Importance of organizational alignment
  • Which schools have it? Which don't?
  • Texas, USC, Miami, OU, Ohio St?
  • Josh Gattis leaves for Miami
  • What does Michigan do?
  • Braden was wrong about NFL carousel
  • Super Bowl starting QB trivia
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Steven Lassan and Braden Gall talk college football.
  • Big Ten ditching divisions?
  • Coaching drama: ASU, Auburn
  • Jim Harbaugh coming back
  • Caleb Williams, Jaxson Dart
  • Recruiting Outliers:
  • Biggest overachievers
  • Biggest underachievers
  • What's going on in the Pac-12?
  • How does future Big 12 look?
  • Big Ten West needs a boost
  • ACC staying power?
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